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    Bangkok 8
    John Burdett

    Surreal Bangkok, city of temples and brothels, where Buddhist monks in saffron robes walk the same streets as world-class gangsters, where bodies and souls are for sale or rent, and where the way you die may be more important than the way you live. Inside a locked Mercedes, an African-American Marine sergeant is killed by a maddened python and a swarm of cobras. Two cops - the only two in the city not on the take - arrive too late. Minutes later, only one is alive. Sworn to avenge the death of his partner and soul brother, Sonchai Jitpleecheep, a fair-skinned Thai and a devout Buddhist, works his way through District 8. His tools are the forensic techniques of the modern police department; no less vital is his profound understanding of the mystical workings of the spirit world. Soon he is in a realm he has never before encountered: the moneyed underbelly of Bangkok, where desire rules and the human body is as custom-designable as a raw hunk of jade - and where Sonchai eventually tracks the killer, a predator of an even more sinister variety.

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    I must say this was an excellent book. It took me only a few hours to read it as I could not put it down once started. If you like racy thrillers, then this is definitely something to read. I believe the author of Bangkok 8 lived in Thailand for some time and it certainly shows up in the narrative.

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    I bought this on the 3 for 2 with Books ETC but I pulled out Odd Thomas - Dean Koontz so reading that at the mo then I'll be reading Bangkok 8 sounds good.

    The more you look the less you know......

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    I thought this book was great! His references are really precise and accurate, you forget the author's a farrang and not the half thai/ half english cop hero. There are quite a few references to Buddha and spiritualisim which if you aren't in the know can make things a little confusing though. A good and exciting read.

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    I picked up a hardback edition of this in a sale atW.H.Smith's for a measly quid !! What a bargain !! It's a real page turner.

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    Another good book by John Burdett. Very fast moving story line. Well written with twists and turns you wouldn't believe.


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    Great Book

    Haven t Finished it yet, but great so far. Enjoy the background commentary on Thai/Farang relations and how we both look at the each others culture and the world we live in differently



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