Completed the Appendix 2 Financial Requirement Form by hand and although I wasn't able to use Adobe's online 'Fill & Sign' I was feeling pleased with myself.

I then completed the Visa4UK application online and at the end in the space for additional information I was about to clarify that although my wife's passport and Thai ID card state she was born in Nakhon Ratchasima, which is what I've entered on the form, it's recently transpired that she was born in Sisaket!

I'd already added that the day and month I'd entered for her father's date of birth entry was fictitious, as his ID card only shows the year and the form requires a mandatory entry...

When my wife recently went to the Amphur in Nakhon Ratchasima to obtain a copy of her birth certificate she was told it was at Chakkarat Amphur, near to her families farm. But staff there deduced from the number on her ID card that she was born in Sisaket.

Her mother was visiting her sister in Sisaket at the time and went to obtain my wife's birth certificate at the Amphur. They refused to issue it in spit of my wife talking to staff on the phone whilst her mum and aunt were there.

My wife then took the four/five hour train to Sisaket and attended the Amphur the following morning only to be told that they couldn't issue a birth certificate as all the records had been destroyed in a fire.

They did however issue her with a 'letter of birth certification' that contains her printed ID photo image.

My dilemma is after I hand over the supporting documents at the Tandy building will there be a subsequent issue with the place of birth? Is it advisable to draw their attention to it?

Before I submit my application and pay almost £2,000 (as it's taken in US$ and the exchange rate's at a 30 year low) would it be best for my wife to obtain a new passport. Her current one in her married name is only one year old, plus it's stamps correspond with those in mine.

Seemingly, her cousin who married an Italian also had exactly the same issue. I'm not sure if it was the Italian authorities who identified the discrepancy, but after she married she obtained a new passport with Si Sa Ket as her place of birth! She's now living in Italy...

Seems a problem that Thai passports are issued using ID cards and not birth certificates for place of birth.

Thanks in anticipation of input. I found this site indispensable when successfully applying for a visit visa.