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    Default Settlement Visa application for Thai wife - Appendix 2 (financial requirement) query.

    Does anyone know how to talk to the ECO dealing with a submitted Settlement Visa application?
    I've had an email requesting Appendix 2 (financial requirement) for my wife's settlement visa. She submitted this, plus a copy two weeks ago in Bangkok. In fact the VFS staff requested it, and having located it at the front of the folder containing the financial supporting documents, removed it, put it with the print-out of the signed online application form and ticked a box on a check-list.
    The email suggests the form was incomplete, but frustratingly doesn't state which parts, and requests that I 're-complete the form'. The form took me a long time to complete. I was unable to complete it online using Adobe; printed off the form, completed it by hand and photocopied it. These have all been submitted. I did not make a second copy! All the documents I used to complete the form have also been submitted. Completing the whole form again is an onerous task!
    Not only that, but I'd have to find somewhere locally in Thailand to scan it and then send it as an email attachment...
    The attached letter appears to contradict the email stating that ' You did not include a completed Appendix 2 form with your application and therefore we are not able to process your application.'
    Frustratingly having clicked the link contained on the letter I was unable to find Appendix 2 form in spite of clicking through many pages.
    Why do they not put a name of the person dealing and a telephone extention number?
    I'm anxious to sort this out and it's proving exasperating. My email response returned an automated reply that 'This Mailbox is only for solicited documents requested by UKVI. Any other emails will not be opened or read so please re-send your query to the International Enquiry Service; all complaints should be directed through the web complaints form . More information on how to contact UKVI can be found here'
    None of the options allow you to contact the person dealing with your application.
    For example
    'Thailand - Contact Us

    You can phone or email the international enquiry service if you have a general enquiry about applying for a visa from outside the United Kingdom.

    Please be aware that enquiry service staff do not play any part in, or influence the outcome of any visa application.

    Please select one of the options below.'
    Visa4UK took me to this 'The UK Visas and Immigration international enquiry service is provided by HGS UK on behalf of UK Visas and Immigration. Please be aware that enquiry service staff do not play any part in, or influence the outcome of any visa application.'
    But I don't have a 'general enquiry'!
    Below is the email
    'Request for Appendix 2
    We are writing to you regarding your UK Visa Application for Settlement Spouse visa.
    We understand that you already submitted the Appendix 2 form with your application; however, your Appendix 2 form is incomplete. Grateful if you could re-complete the form and send back to us via above email address.
    You are able to send the completed Appendix 2 form as soon as possible or within 14 days as per an advice on the letter.
    Yours sincerely
    Correspondence Unit
    Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam
    UK Visas and Immigration, Home Office.
    British Embassy, 14 Wireless Road, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand


    And the attached letter states
    We have received your application for a UK visa. You did not include a completed Appendix 2 form
    with your application and therefore we are not able to process your application. All settlement applications must include an Appendix 2 form.
    The Appendix 2 form enables the applicant to give further details about their financial situation and to demonstrate that they meet the requirements of the UK Immigration Rules for this category of visa.
    You can find this form on the UK Visas and Immigration website using this link below. You can also
    find further information and guidance for settlement applicants on the same web page.
    Please complete an Appendix 2 form and return it to us within 14 days of the date noted at the top
    of this letter.
    Yours sincerely,
    UK Visas and Immigration
    South and South-east Asia'

    My email response, which I'm not sure from the automated response they'll open or read states:
    ' The email states that the 'Appendix 2 form is incomplete'. It would assist to be informed which sections of Appendix 2 are incomplete.
    I recall not including certain sections that I did not complete as they appertained to employment and were thus blank...
    For example page 06, the top highlighted box states 'Only complete this section if your sponsor is working in the UK.'
    And page 09 in the top highlighted box 'Part3C Your Sponsor's income from self employment'
    None of these sections are relevant as my application's based on my pension from ******** and cash savings.'

    With a 'PS. If I understand correctly that Appendix 2 is incomplete it would assist if I was informed which parts I need to complete. And clarify if there is a part not completed why is it necessary to complete the whole of Appendix 2 form again.'

    Has anyone else had similar confusing correspondence and if so how did you clarify it?

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    It's a pain but bight the bullet and fill in the form again.
    You are wasting time if you only have 14 days to get this done as I suspect, if appendix 2 does not arrive in 14 days, the application will be rejected and you will lose your visa fee.

    In any sections that no information is relevant I always put N/A so it is clear that the question has been read and there is no answer required.

    Chalk it up to visa experience and always remember to make copies of any forms you send in.
    Bye Bye EU Day 31st December 2020 (11 p.m.)

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