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    Default Citizenship for stepdaughter

    I brought my wife and her daughter to the UK over 9 years ago (greatly helped by advice from this forum) and they have ILR. My wife isn't bothered about LITUK and subsequent Citizenship, but my stepdaughter is. She is 13 years old and not surprisingly has better English skills than my wife. My question is this, is my stepdaughter's situation still dependent on her mother's English skills? Or can she apply for a UK passport herself at some point? If so would she need to take the LITUK herself to do that?

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    For child's registration under 3(1), they may expect mother to naturalise too. However, if it's in her best interests and her mother is married to a British citizen, then it's possible for her to succeed.
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    Depending on your relationship with your stepdaughter and your family situation you may find it easier and cheaper to adopt your stepdaughter and that way she becomes a British citizen who is British other than by descent (assuming you're a UK citizen). It really depends on how you're all getting on and any other family members views.

    My reason for suggesting this is because I adopted my niece, who lives with us, and it was straightforward and we had only been in the UK for about 3 years, although we lived together as a family in Thailand for about 4 years before that.

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    Thanks for the input guys, looks like adoption is the way to go.

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