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Thread: Car importation

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    Quote Originally Posted by ian1208 View Post
    I think this is a worthwhile project if you are in love with your classic. I understand that it is much cheaper to have the wheels and running gear off that in a 'rolling shell' configuration.
    There is a company just off suki that specializes in importing merc classics. He runs a kart race team.
    I will try look him up and pm you. A nice guy and full of knowledge. His wife is German

    Oh, I would keep the body panels off and send them separately.
    Remember there are lots of 'parts' legitimately being imported every day. I imported a 2nd hand vw wing for the toureg and it cost me 600bht that I paid to the delivery company for tax

    I`ve just been selling some spare fintail parts on ebay and had about three enquires asking me for shipping cost to LOS and It wasnt listed as a destination, so theres demand and people buying in for sure.

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    Basically ... after the car leaves your shores, the next time that you will see it is when you are standing at a bus stop and some customs somchai drives past in it... don't even think about it!


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