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    Default Settlement Visa Financial requirements, a couple of questions.

    A couple of questions. First of all i tick the box with regard to the minimum income of £18600 per annum, however my savings account only has a couple of grand in it. My wife and i have more savings in her bank account in Thailand where she still lives and she has an income of around 35000 baht per month. Will that also be taken into consideration?

    I also have a share in a house which i'm planning on selling. This will give a huge boost to my accounts. Should i wait and complete this before she applies, although it could take months. With visa applications being so expensive, we want to get it right first time.

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    If you already fulfill the minimum salary requirement you don't need anything else but your savings won't hurt but it's not necessary.

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    agree the more you can send the better ,,,wifes tesco clubcard letters going in for FLR bingo card everything invoices from thail supermarkets the lot hopefully eco or immigration officer will think i carnt be xxxxx with this lot and just look at the important bits

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