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    Default Indefinite Leave to Remain - ILR HELP

    Hi all. We have an ILR fast approaching. My wife is on the 5yr route.Successully gained spouse visa and then FLR at 2.5 year intervals. My concern is as follows:
    ILR is just under 18 months away(jan 2019). In april this year i took a leap of faith and entered self employment for the first time in my life. Realistically, as this is my first year trading, i am going to fall very short on the £18600 min income. Im thinking of going back to employment asap as im worried about the ILR? Does anyone know if as part of the ILR process they want to see that £18600 has been hit during every year? or is it only crucial that i hit £18600 for the TWELVE MONTHS prior to the application date? I ask because A) I dont really want to give up on my business unless i have too and B)if i do go back to employment, im going to have to go like the clappers in order to hit £18600 come next april?
    Help is much appreciated.Im nervous.
    thanks team.
    p.s. i have no cash savings (im aware savings cant be combined with self employment)
    p.p.s. my wife doesnt work either

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    If you're applying Jan 2019 then your 17/18 accounts for your self-employment will be used for the financial requirement. If you are certain you cannot reach the threshold by next April then I would suggest going back to employment, and I think you can use wage slips etc. from an employer, for the 12 months prior to the application, that will be Jan 18 to Jan 19.

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