Could someone advise me on which forms are needed to register my two daughters as British Citizens.
We currently reside in the UK and arrived here May 2003
Daughters are currently aged 17 and 19 birthdays are just after Christmas so by end of year they will be 18 and 20
Both daughters were born in Bangkok.
We were unmarried at time of birth of both daughters but later did marry.
I was born in Republic of Ireland
Parents were both born in Republic of Ireland but held British Passports Father was serving in HM Armed Forces at time of my birth. I was named on my mothers passport along with my siblings who were born in the UK her passport specified i was not a British citizen
I joined HM Armed Forces and was at some stage later given a UK passport but no supporting documentation.
When we made plans to return to the UK I tried to obtain British passports for the children.
The Embassy was unsure as to which category of citizenship I held and advised it may be faster to obtain irish passports for the children which i did whilst the Embassy investigated my citizenship status. they discovered I held British citizenship by Registration and informed me that citizenship could be passed on.
As by this stage both daughters held irish(EU) passports we moved to the UK without going any further along the route of British citizenship with plans to sort it out later.
Later has arrived I believe it will be beneficial for my daughters to obtain citizenship of the UK to which my daughters are entitled..

Thanks in advance.