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    Default Exporting Line chat from your phone to pc

    I found out how to save my Line chat with my friend for possible future use with applying for a holiday visa.

    Here's how I did it:

    1/ Open Line
    2/ Go to person (open) who's history you want to save
    3/ Tap arrow on top right of screen
    4/ Click on Chat Settings
    5/ Click on Back up chat history
    6/ Click back up text
    7/ Choose Email
    8/ Type in your Email address in the box at top of screen (cursor should be flashing).
    9/ Click Send.
    10/ Go to your inbox and click Download.
    11/ At bottom of screen click folder and choose show in folder - you should then be able to scroll until you see Chat History with (your Friends name). This is using Google Chrome it will be slightly different with other browsers.
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    I always back-up my Line chats this way BUT have never been able to open them outside of Line (it is a back up zip file that can be imported back to Line)

    So 1 - 10 is fine but during 11 I can download the file and then go to the folder but when you click on it this is what I get. Note there is no name of the contact.
    Line Chat Pic.jpg
    I cannot open the Chat or Chat-extra files in anything that you can read and make sense of them.
    Can open in Notepad but its gobbleydegook, are you able to open them?

    The images folder can be opened no problem (but these are saved to my phone automatically so it's not a problem).
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    When I get the e-mail it shows a rectangular box with the words - chat history with (persons name) txt and underneath the size of the file kb if small or mb if text is over many months (probably 6 or more).

    Under this it says Download and Save to One drive personal. I click on download and then at bottom left of page I can open this download box (chat history with ...), when I open this it shows all our conversation minus pictures and emoticons. I can then save to desk top.
    Sorry Gary I don't know what to suggest, maybe you're somehow emailing the 'gobbleydegook' instead of it in text form (I know what it looks like as before I looked through my phone folders to see if I could find the text from Line but as you say only saw this computer script - using notepad showed unreadable comp jargon but choosing the email logo works - you need to obviously put in your address). There is always the persons name for me, I think this is key to getting the text you want.
    There are a few options to choose from at some stages so maybe try another option? I just tried again following my steps and it worked.
    Maybe the way I've described only works for me and my setup, another comp may need slight changes to the process?
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    Sussed it.

    I have always used the back the "Back up all data". Just tried "Back up text" and I get the box with the name and can open it in Notepad once downloaded.

    Thanks marshall, learned something new and now can actually read what is what
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    You can put your LINE account on your PC ... but only on one PC ... might be easier from there ...

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