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    Default Marriage Cetificate Legalisation

    Me and the wife are moving to UAE, to get her residence I need our marriage cert attested at the UAE embassy in Thailand, and to get this done it must first be legalised, I presume at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

    We have no plans to go to Thailand can anyone reccomend a service to get this done where we can send our marriage cert by post? Also we only have one copy of our certificate so need one we can trust.

    Regards Steve

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    I don't really understand what they are looking for - unless its to guard against fakes? A marriage certificate issued in Thailand is a legal document and is recognised by both the UK and Thai authorities - I can't see why any other nation should want further proof.

    Are you sure that its the marriage certificate they want legalising? Could it be that what they actually want is it translating and the translation legalised? In either case, the usual route is through the MFA - outside Thailand I would guess that the Thai Embassy is the only place you might be able to get it done. I think you need to check with the UAE as to what it is they actually want. I'd be interested in hearing the result of your endeavours.

    It could of course be that they want it certifying (notarising or whatever it is its called) and in that case, a solicitor or Notary should be able to do that for you but again, I'd check with them. Firstly, a UK lawyer or Notary is likely to want the certificate translating and secondly, it is always possible that the UAE may ask how a UK lawyer or Notary can legalise a Thai document.

    I have a gut feeling though, that its not actually going to be all that difficult - I was taking with a guy who lives in the UAE about a similar matter and he said they are a bit like Thailand - they ask for lots of documents but rarely check the quality/authenticity of them.

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    Without a doubt it's for verifying authenticity of the certificate, for uk birth and marriage certificates first they require certificate to be sent to FCO for attesting then to UAE embassy in London but they will only do UK documents. Foreign documents must be attested in there country of oragin.

    "Before the presentation of any document, to this Embassy, for attestation, they require first to be legalised or attested by, either the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) or Governors' Offices of Jersey, Isle of Man and Guernsey, the Irish Ministry for Foreign Affairs or the Islandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs, according to the region where the document originated."

    I've found a service based in UAE for dealing with Thai documents, they send them to Thailand and get the necessary legalisation so will get them done 9nce im there.


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    The Thai consulate in Hull might do this. They certainly used to certify translations of marriage certificates etc

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    thail consulate dont do anymore ,i have just had mine translated and certified by thail consulting based in kent surperb service

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