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    Default New British Passport

    Just a quick heads up .
    My passport issued in 2014 was down to one last full page and upon re entering TH thanks to Thai immigration was down to nil full pages even though the page opposite was 80% empty IE if I needed to go somewhere that needed a full page for a Visa I could nt get one , I was trying to hold out getting a New passport until into the new year ...
    Anyways applied for a new one , Downloaded the forms for applying outside of the UK contacted VAC / VFS for an appointment .
    Had appointment 6th DEC everything was checked , paid the extra for a 48 pager and DHL delivery back to BKK .... cost was £114.01 in total (via Credit Card)
    Picked up New Passport yesterday 15th DEC at HMPO Trendy Building , BKK .
    Not a bad turn around , also asked for a letter from the UK embassy to swap my Visa into the New Passport , which they have in their office.
    The way things are going im thinking how long until a 48 page UK passport is over £100 ? ..... at least Dick Turpin wore a mask ....
    bangkok mags

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    they will not swap the visa, just the permission to stay stamp that it generated, if a multi entry visa then you will need to carry both passports. but a good turn around.
    it would be £85.50 in the uk + if you go that way £9.75 post office fee, so not bad with all the exchange rates

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    I have my daughters to renew here in Thailand will she too need to go to Bangkok for an interview and will there be any problem as I have let it lapse a few months? No visas to worry about at least (dual nationality).

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    There’ll be no problem, DAS. There is no requirement to renew a passport within any particular timeframe, or at all for that matter.
    Tobias - โทเบียส
    It’s better to be 6 feet apart than to be 6 feet under.

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    Thanks for the advice Tobias I can now wait until the end of term (March) and sort it out.

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