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    Default NHS charge procedure for FLR(M) thinks to look out for?

    Hi everyone.
    First time me & the misses have done this so a little nervous.
    found this link & its seems its quite straight forward

    this is what it tells you to do(see below)
    Is this correct? Anyone had problems paying it?

    "There are 5 steps to paying the healthcare surcharge and finishing your visa or immigration application.

    1. Register to use the service.
    2. Answer questions to see if you must pay the healthcare surcharge or if you’re exempt.
    3. Pay online if you’re not exempt. You pay the healthcare surcharge in the same currency as your visa application fee.
    4. You’ll be sent an email with an immigration health surcharge reference number. This will also be shown on screen when you’ve paid. You’ll need to write this on the cover of your visa application if you’re applying online from outside the UK, the cover sheet if applying online from inside the UK or on the application form if applying by post. You need this reference even if you’re exempt from paying the healthcare surcharge.
    5. Finish your application form and pay your visa or immigration application fee.

    You need to pay by cash at an embassy or visa application centre if you’re in Bangladesh, Myanmar or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. You can pay in cash or use the online service if you’re in Nepal.
    Information you need to pay
    You’ll be asked for:

    • your name

    • your nationality

    • the type of visa you’re applying for

    • your passport or travel document number

    • date of birth

    • an email address

    • your visa application centre if you’re applying overseas

    • your course dates if you’re applying as a student

    You will also need the same details for:

    • any person applying for a visa or other immigration application with you, eg a dependant

    • any person you are applying to join or remain who is already in the UK (you don’t need to add this person’s details if they are a UK or EEA citizen)

    You will also need their leave expiry date if you are joining someone in the UK (or immigration health surcharge reference number if they have one).
    Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions relating to the Immigration Health Surcharge affecting you or your employees.

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    Just go online, pay it and put the reference number on the application form where it asks for it. Couldn’t really make it simpler if they tried

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    Except when I did it I entered the wrong email adress. Nightmare to sort that out!!!

    Pete and Tia

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    I agree that this was one of the most streamline parts of the process where the pages remembered and auto-populated the initial page once you paid etc. then produced a neat summary at the end. Very unlike UKV&I processes !! lol

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    one of the quickest £500 ive spent 5 mins done and dusted and that was 3 days ago

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    Yes you are all right i was worrying about nothing!
    back to the FLR(M) form plenty to worry about!

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