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    Default Online Bank Statements

    After my wife's last FLR application I switched my bank statements to posted ones to ensure we dont have any issues with having to get them to stamp them etc. Just been going through them and realize I accidentally switched them to weekly hence have a load of statements for the last 6 months and got a few missing. Printed the missing ones and took them to Barclays and they are refusing to stamp as they said they cannot verify I haven't tampered with them. also I dont think my December statement will be through in time for her appointment on the 2nd of Jan.

    Has anyone here applied and been successful with self printed statements? everything else is in order such as letters from employer and pay slips, same job last 7 years and way above threshold. hoping I will be OK but wanted to see if anyone else has had success in same situation.


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    Cleethorpes..the last resort.


    If they have the Bank Logo on every page you should be OK..Make an appointment with the bank manager or his deputy and explain the situation..They can print your bank statements off for you in seconds if they wish to and then stamp them..Lloyds willingly did it for me when I needed the last 28 days doing ..

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