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    Lightbulb UK Visitors Visa

    Good evening from a rig somewhere west of Shetland and a Happy New Year to you all.

    My partner has a 2 year UK Visitor Visa.

    Applied in May, Trendy Office in June, Visa issued in July.

    We did the entire application online ourselves and took our time putting our supporting documents together. Worth the effort and certainly possible without outsourcing.

    We proposed a date of arrival of October; however the Visa went "live" in August.

    Changes to my schedule meant it wasn't possible for her to visit in October. Instead I went over to see her in Nong Kung Thanasan.

    Cut some rice. Ate some crickets. Standard !

    We are just about to book flights for February, but I have a question about the terms of her Visa.

    Can we expect her 4 month delayed first arrival to the UK to cause any issues ?

    My reason for asking is that her younger cousin has just moved to the UK with her husband after several unsuccessful residency applications. When she was eventually granted residency, the stipulation was that she must arrive the UK within one month of her visa issue, which she did.

    Are there similar terms for a Visitor Visa, or is it just the case that as long as it's within the Valid From & To dates, she can come and go as necessary ?

    Many Thanks,

    Nam Dam.

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    Her cousin was subject to the new biometric procedure. This doesn't apply to visitors. They may enter and remain within the validity period.

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    All noted.

    Very many thanks.

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