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    Default Health care cost inc family

    What are the monthly cost for health care as an expat liviving in LOS? 50 year old man and kids.

    I presume you would get a family cover - husband, thai wife and child but have no clue on if the thai side would use the general health care or best to keep clear of it if private health care is not too expensive.

    What sort of monthlys or annual cost ae we looking at?


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    I could not get family cover everyone had to be insured individually. Cost could be anything depending on level of cover whether outpatient is covered, drugs etc. Accident cover is a bit of a cheaper alternative to outpatient cover but only covers accidents. Private care can be very expensive depending on hospitals used. You will have to look at what cover you want and how much you are prepared to pay, its always going to be a compromise but make sure you get a good company.
    I have a 10 year old daughter, the wife almost 40, me just 60. In patient only covered, accident cover and a little life insurance comes in at 60,000bht for all. That's quite basic cover, so if you want the best it will be expensive. Mine did pay up when required so I was happy about that.
    There was a thread not long ago on this. I'll try to find it.

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