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    Default HELP URGENT Settlement visa submitted name wrong.


    We have just submitted the application and paid. But when we printed off the document for some reason is has given my wife's name as her maiden name. All the questions answered show her married name correctly but at the bottom where she signs it shows her maiden name. It's nothing we have put in, it's just generated the form this way.

    Update. My wife used this log in for visa visits before we were married so on the site she has her maiden name. The application is 99% correct but at the bottom of the page it says the form has been filled in by and then her maiden name.

    Will this be a problem.
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    This is a stressful time and you tend to worry..we alll have been through it..They will see her married name all the way through the application..I doubt it will be a problem..You have probably sent 2 photos of your wife with her married name on the back of the photos..And you have probably sent a copy of her passport in her married name ..So you should be OK..

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    The bit you are on about is the 'form completed by' which we be whatever the name of person who has the visa4uk account.

    My wife's visa back in 2015 has the 'form completed' by as her maiden name and there were no issues at all.

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    Thanks for the reply's. Thinking about it i'm sure it's quite common as visit visas always come before settlement visas and who updates their website details that often. Still bloody stressful though

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