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    Default Emirates ticket charges.

    Emirates ticket charges,I recently booked with emirates Birmingham to Bangkok for two people cost £1020, but I made a mistake on my return journey, the cost for changing the return ticket £790 but was told I could book my seat without the normal £20 fee which is actually £80 for two people for the two stages, this was not true they still wanted me to pay the seat booking fee so not to happy, I think emirates are spitting couples up on flights try to encourage them to pay this fee as I have seen many people trying to swap seats in my seating area, also like to add the food from Birmingham was pretty awful on the second leg from Dubai food was very good though.

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    I wouldnt be to bothered about this and i dont think the misses would be to ,shes a chatter box its nice to sit next to someone you dont know and interact with them i look at it as 7 hours of bliss .I would also say most thails dont mind as well having travelled on there buses trains boats and mini vans even motorcycles were they sit dosent seem to bother them , they do seem to get on with other fact i think the misses would say "£20 give it me and you go and sit over there " and the £20 pound would be tucked away never to be seen again lol

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