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    Default Mothers information on application


    My wife hasn’t had any contact with her mother since she was very young and was brought up by her fathers family. She tried to go to the registry office with her birth certificate to get any information she could about her mother but there seems to be a problem with the ID card number she’s got. Would it be best to just put ‘not known’ on the application rather than putting information we are not sure about? would we need to write anything about it in the additional information section? And would not knowing amything about her mother affect any outcome of the application? Thanks

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    Hi Flynny80, a belated welcome to the forum.
    You may have decided a course of action by now, or sought advice elsewhere. However, it may encourage more knowledgeable people than me to respond if you explain your circumstances a bit more, such as what kind of visa are you applying for? It's probably best not to put anything on the application that you are not certain about. If you are worried about this lack of information regarding your wife's mother, I can't see it hurting if you explain the situation somewhere on the application.
    People are usually very helpful on this forum , so hopefully you'll get some more replies soon.
    Regards, Marvinpie

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    I had a similar question for my first Visit Visa for my girlfriend, we didn’t know her fathers DOB and place of birth as he died 25 years ago and nobody could remember the details. I was advised to put 01/01/1900 and add a note in ‘additional information’ explaining this.

    Our 2 applications have been successful. As long as your honest and explain it shouldn’t be a problem.

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