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    Default O-A retirement visa extension or renewal question

    I have a Non Immigrant O-A visa issued by the Thai consulate in London. It is due to expire in August. I would like to either renew or extend the visa for another year without going back to the UK. What is the best way to do that and what supporting evidence will be necessary?

    My original application had these requirements I think

    * over 800,000 bhat in an account (I had a Thai account which has over 800,000)
    * Police certificate for immigration purposes of (lack of) criminal record from NPCC
    * medical certificate confirming absence of certain diseases

    They asked for 3 copies of each document & all had to be certified by a solicitor as authentic. Is that required here or is it best to check wit the immigration office first? I register with Lak Si every 90 days, is that the best place to get the right application form? Will renewal require equivalent confirmations? Will another NPCC certificate from the UK be sufficient if I have been in Thailand since issue of the last certificate?

    Thanks for advice in advance, it'll be appreciated.

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    Check for up to date information at Immigration Complex Chaengwattana (Lak Si) no need to go outside TH.
    bangkok mags

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    An extension should be done at the Thai Immigration office assigned to the area you live in. For a retirement extension, the requirement is 800,000 in a Thai bank account in your sole name for a minimum of 2 or 3 months up to the date of application (evidenced by a signed statement from your bank) OR 65,000 baht per month income (evidenced by a letter from the UK Embassy) OR a combination of the two, e.g. 400,000 in the bank plus 32,500 per month income.

    Visit your local immigration office to get precise details of what they require. Different offices ask for slightly different things.

    Cost of a 1 year extension is 1900 baht.
    Paul พอล

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    a non-immigrant'O'A' gives a one year permission to stay stamp on each entry intoThailand, if you entry just before the expiry date of the visa afresh 1 year stamp will be given, allowing 2 years stay in Thailandwith the non 'O'A', 90 day reports will be required. Don’t forget that once your non immigrant 'O'A' visa expiresyou will need a re-entry permit for any trips out of the country, tokeep your permission to stay stamp alive.

    A yearly extension can be applied for in the last 30 days of any permission to stay, and is covered by Maokaang above

    edit no further police checks are required within Thailand,

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    Thanks & thanks to sisaket & maokaang for their replies.

    I can se the expiry date stamped on my entry does expire a few days after the visa expiry date but I had not properly twigged that permission to stay for one year would be granted after each entry to Thailand rule. Good!

    I'll check what Lak Si will require at my next 90 day registration & be ready to apply in my last 30 days or re-enter the country.

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