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    Default Bus boards - Are they that hard to get right?

    I am never less than amazed at how badly these things can go wrong. I have often seen signs printed or numerous busses flying past with 'Land of Smile,' professionally designed on the side. I have read menus in fancy Thai restaurants advertising crab spelt with a 'p' instead of a 'b'. Plus countless other public notices that could easily have been correctly done had they been checked first.

    This is just unimaginable as to how so many checks went undone before the public pointed out how useless it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barnet View Post
    I have read menus in fancy Thai restaurants advertising crab spelt with a 'p' instead of a 'b'.
    This is a common mistake probably because ther Thai letter bo pla is pronounced as a combination of p and b. When I started to learn Thai by reading and writing as opposed to phonetically I discovered that many words we say or write in a romanized version have complete wrong pronunciation.

    Did you ask if the crap was aged or fresh ? 55

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    What must add to the confusion is if you ask for clarification if it's crab and then they tell you it's poo (ปู).

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