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    Default Points for bad drivers

    I admire whoever it is/was who identifies the need to address this but I just can't see it happening or working (or both).

    There are different types of driver in Thailand. The only thing "many/some/most/all/few" (better not generalise for the risk of offending someone) share in common is the fact they are very reckless and dangerous drivers. However, those that drive outside of the big towns don't observe road laws for very different reasons than their compatriots in the big smoke. Financial, relaxed policing, poorly educated etc etc...they simply will not be put off because they can't afford to be.

    If they target the rich, which I am certain they will not, they may find more success. I would assume cameras will need to be set up to assist the mob in arresting people which is far easier in the city than outside.

    IMHO, if people are banned or suspended I can't see them stopping unless the vehicle is confiscated.

    Secondly, if someone breaks the law continually, whilst in charge of a potential death mobile, the punishment is a mere year off the roads, if observed. This hardly addresses the issue with severity.

    Ever the cynic, I just see a catastrophic failure on the horizon should it materialise, and I doubt very much it ever will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barnet View Post

    Ever the cynic, I just see a catastrophic failure on the horizon should it materialise, and I doubt very much it ever will.
    You're not being cynical. Barnet. I read that article and unfortunatlely it looks like another PR exercise. What's going to happen to the 100's of school kids that ride a motorcycle to school everyday? Majority underage, no helmet and no licence?

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    Old news this I started a thread on this a while ago as I read that you would have to be caught drunk in charge of a vehicle 3 times before a ban would be enforced, a joke really.

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