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    Default Travel insurance for Gf visiting GB from Laos

    The visit visa has been granted, tickets booked so the next thing on the list is medical travel insurance.
    I've contacted my local doctors surgery and they've informed me that if she is unwell on her visit that as long as she brings her passport and visa to the surgery that she will be seen at no cost other than maybe a prescription charge.
    Having a belt and braces attitude I'd rather have her covered just in case the worst happens (God forbid) .
    My question is has anybody bought insurance for a Laos national before and if so from who and how much.
    Phi did ask in her bank and the woman she spoke to said it can be bought at bk airport... is this true ?

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    Cleethorpes..the last resort.


    Bupa Thailand are excellent but whether they would cover a Lao national you would have to ask..Axa Thailand are also very good..Seek out some insurance offices in BKK..Perhaps better to go to a BUPA or AXA office rather than an agent..

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    BUPA are in Laos. Google BUPA Global.

    You can do it online.

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    Bupa want $400 for 6 weeks cover. I can't see why it should be this much when I have 1 years cover for £28.
    Think I'll keep looking

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    A crazy price. When my wife came here in 2016 a BUPA Gold policy for 12 months was only £80.

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