It is with great sadness that I have to inform members of the death of a fellow member and my good friend Ray Byrne - known on here as Rayban. Ray died of a heart attack on 13 June but I only just heard today as his wife didn't know how to contact me.

Ray has not posted on here for quite some time but some of the older members may remember him. Some may have known him personally - Ray spent many years in Thailand and had lived there permanently since his retirement from the Oil & Gas industry in Dubai a few years ago. He had homes in Prakhon Chai in Buriram province and recently bought a holiday home in Pattaya.

Ray was a true gentleman and left behind an adoring wife Sanan and a son Tio, he also had 2 daughters (I think 2) in the UK. He will be missed by everyone who was fortunate enough to call him a friend.