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she insisted I have the regiment name lasered off. A painful few sessions.
I'm not a tattoo person but I must admit it has brought many compliments from Thais both young and old. Would I do it if I had a choice...………...nah, no chance!
At one stage my Mrs thought (very wrongly) you could just get tattoos lasered off in one go, a schoolgirl error not checking the science.
In 2007 between getting married (register office) in BKK and Buddhist ceremony I had a couple of months to spare, so after depositing a Thai marriage cert with the British Embassy to get a couple of endorsed UK ones I flew to the UK to work for a few months at Shell St Fergus Gas Terminal nr Peterhead (Scotland) where we worked 6 days but had Saturdays off, so I used go down to Aberdeen and at the port there was an tattooist from Derbyshire, so I asked him about incorporating / adding to a tattoo I had done in Baltimore (Maryland-USA) no problem he did what I wanted, obviously I failed to mention this to the female part of the marriage, but it did cause a freak-out once she clapped eyes on the offending "art work".She is not the biggest fan of "ink art" after staying silent whilst having to listen her going on and on about how much she dislikes tattoos (on me) following up with what did I have to say for myself. the best I could muster at the time was "I did nt get two" to which some may find mildly ironically funny, but alas just seamed to tip her over the edge, coming back with the immortal words of " your free to get as many tattoos as you like, but the next one will be like signing a divorce document " and that boys n girls ended any glimmering hope of getting an oriental dragon tattoo.