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    Default Thai Political Situation

    OK, so I'm too lazy to find out and asking the wife will provide more questions than answers as she'll rant no doubt.

    What is happening Politically in Thailand, how long are the Military forecast to stay in charge ? When will elections be ?

    I ask as I've just been reading this
    and am drawn to these comments :-

    "Having promulgated a new Constitution in April 2017, with campaigning against it being punishable by 10 years in prison, Thailand seems fated to perpetual government by military junta. Even if there are promises that an election will be held in 2018, the prime minister will be appointed by the military, as will a powerful 250-seat Senate.“Despite the claims by the junta otherwise, the new constitution creates a permanent place for the military in government and seeks to normalise their intervention,” said Tyrell Haberkorn of the Australian National University."

    “The new constitution whitewashes all junta rights violations, ensuring that Thai military leaders can continue to commit abuses without fear of prosecution,” said Brad Adams, the Asia director of Human Rights Watch."

    To me if true this is another Burma in the making, which is why I'm asking for thoughts of those on the ground as I don't want to make my opinion on one article ? Thoughts anyone ?

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    ha ha same as my misses ,me to have not read to much into this just what the misses rants on about being in cahoots with the chinese.
    I would say a couple of generations thats what it will take to change people out with the old in with the new ,But when the coup happened i was in beuang kan at the familys house and 8 miliatary officers turned up at her home wanting to ascertain the where abouts of her dad red shirt member didnt want him rounding the troops and going to bangkok ,lol struggles to walk down the road ,
    I just sat drinking my coffee but did get a bit worried but the wife said dont worry they just want to know he isnt planning on going bangkok .

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