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Thread: Ireland trip

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    Default Ireland trip

    Hi all ,Whats the situation if my thai wife wants to go to Ireland for a few days on holiday. She is currently on indefinite leave to remain as now lived here in England for 4 years .
    Does she need a Schengen visa ?

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    Yes she does.

    She could always fly into Belfast and drive down. There is no border and I have no idea of the implications, if she is stopped, though but many have done it.

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    No she doesn't, Ireland are NOT in the Schengen area.

    Instead she will require an Irish Short Stay Visit Visa for family members of an EU National (get in quick)
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    Oops. Sorry. I meant she needs a visa.

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    First time my Wife went to Republic of Ireland she got an Irish Visa in West London (Kensington) just off Cromwell Rd, near the Natural History Museum, in fact its not too far from the Thai Embassy.
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    Thanks for the replies

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