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    Default Looking for Thai Music

    I am an Asian American and once bought a Thai music video VCD from a...either Thai or Laotian store. The genre was either rock or slow rock.
    I loved it and watched & listened to it all the time. It's been 13-14 years since I bought that VCD and cannot find it anymore. I have no idea who the bands (it was a collection of different bands) were or the title of any of the songs since I don't speak or read Thai. I've been googling everything I can remember but can't find anything. Hopefully someone from here can help me find these songs from my description of the music video.

    I listened to a lot of Clash. I remember seeing the names Big Ass and Bodyslam but not sure if it was any of their songs. I wasn't sure if I saw these names on the CD or somewhere else. I do remember a word Ivy on the CD...but don't see that there is a band named Ivy. I listen to Potato also but not sure if it was any of their songs. I looked through all their YouTube videos and didn't find anything that was from the VCD I purchased.

    1. If I remember correctly, Ananda Everingham starred in one of this video. I googled him but don't look like he has appeared in any music video. Did he appeared in any music video?

    2. One video started with a boyfriend going to see his girlfriend. She was asleep so he left to go buy food. When he came back he bumped into the girl's other boyfriend. As he was preparing the food he got, he saw a condom wrapper in the trash basket. He brushed it off and still tried to get along with the girl. The girl didn't care and then was going to leave. She smashed a glass or something on his head because he tried to stop her. She then walked out and got in the car with her other boyfriend.

    3. This was a group of maybe 4 females. One played the guitar or bass while another played the violin.

    4. A guy took his girlfriend to go watch a movie at the drive in. He was visualizing him and her in the video. They were watching the movie and eating popcorn. Then she passed the popcorn to him and in there was the ring he had given her. She was giving it back. She later walked out of the car and left her wallet. He grabbed her wallet and saw a picture of her with another guy.

    5. One video I just remember something with a voodoo doll.

    6. This song was probably about the guy's mom. In the video she was always making some milk or juice for him to drink. She was very proud of him when he got a good grade. He boy grew up and started to be more independent. He didn't need her milk drink anymore. At the end she was very sad and he noticed that so he went to her and drank milk with her.

    That's all I can remember. Thank you for your time,

    Stephen Hang
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    Over the years I have watched many many Thai videos / songs on youtube and can normally predict what is going to happen, much to my wife's annoyance.

    Boy meets girl, falls in love with girl, she already has boyfriend, ends in tears
    Girl meets boy, boy gets angry and upsets her, superhero handsome boy comes along, all ends happy

    If you haven't already you could try "Thai Grammy" in youtube, maybe add "collection" or "karaoke" or something on the end.
    You may be looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack but hopefully someone can help you more than I have
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    Bit of a challenge, i'll have a look

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