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    Default Having visa documents returned

    Hi. I need some assistance please.

    We sent the visa documents to Sheffield in June for my step daughters leave to enter UK visa.

    For some reason the documents were not delivered due to an incorrect address (no idea how as it was 100% correct).
    The documents have since been sent back to Sheffield.

    Does anyone know whether they will re send them back out or will I have to contact them?

    I really do not want to pay extortionate amounts to send an email.

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    I am not sure but have bumped the thread so perhaps someone will be able to answer.
    I'm ONE of the 52%

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    The Supporting Documents for my wife's Settlement Visa Application that I posted to Sheffield were returned to me after 4 weeks. Maybe you wait the 4 weeks before trying to Email or phone them.

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    Thanks for your help.

    I ended up paying for the email service where they advised me to send another pre paid envelope.
    I bought a pre paid envelope again and was about to send it off Thursday when I had the documents arrive at my front door.

    I got everything back other than photos, social media chats between wife and daughter (I.e Facebook), proof of money transfers to the gran and a letter from the local council about applying for schools.

    We have sent the TB document back to Thailand - £8.50 for recorded and signed. Would have been £3 if I opted for basic service.

    Just have to wait now.

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