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    Default Supporting documents / Barcode Separators

    Hello folks

    Been here before but on a new username as I can't remember my old login details. A great site for help and support as always. Looking at visit visa towards the end of the year and just come across this new process relating to supporting documents I find a bit confusing.

    Is it correct that for a visit visa all supporting documents need to be used along with the barcode separators? link below


    If this is the case would anyone be able to advise where photocopies of thai passport and thai id card would go as their doesn't seem to be a direct category for applicant.

    Also, would I be correct in saying that all these documents (A4 size) would just be bundled together with no paperclips, staples and then scanned. I always assumed you would present with different folders etc but just seems like one big bundle of paper hey are asking for?

    The barcode heading relating to applicant financial evidence - if i don't want any of this to be supplied as i choose to fully support and make this clear do i still need this barcode separator or just leave it out?

    Anyone with experience willing to share would be much appreciated

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    Hi there, welcome to the forum, having recently done our first visit visa, I have replied to your PM. We used paper clips to hold documents in order, I saw the barcode separators, but we never used them ( I think there was a discussion on here regarding them and there use, I believe the conclusion was that they are used for different visa that involves sending documents by post from Thailand to Sheffield) we used two A4 sized folders one for her documents and one for mine.

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