Hi everyone,

I wondered if someone could help/advise me on my situation re. obtaining a first British passport for my daughter. I have a Thai girlfriend and our baby was born earlier this year in Thailand. I am now back in the UK but both my girlfriend and baby are still in Thailand.

As I understand, because i am British in my own right (not by descent) my child will be entitled to British citizenship and therefore be able to obtain a British passport - Can anyone tell me whether (in their experience) is it best to submit the passport application whilst i am in the UK or is it better that i do it in Bangkok when i go back at the end of the year?

Our intention is to be together as a family in the UK at some stage next year, so i also need to decide whether it's better to get married in Thailand and apply for a spouse VISA or whether to get engaged and apply for fiance VISA. In terms of logistics and admin, can anyone recommend the best move re. this?

Thanks a lot in advance to anyone who can share thoughts.

Kind regards,