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    Default Some things Thailand get just right!

    Convicts cleaning sewers. Imagine the outrage in the UK if the same was suggested.

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    Excellent we should introduce it here in the UK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rasg View Post
    Excellent we should introduce it here in the UK.
    oh right, just wait for all the snowflakes and dogooders to be up in arms about that.
    God forbid that people who have done wrong should actually do some good.

    I do agree by the way
    I'm ONE of the 52%

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    The UK is knitting with only one needle, unravelling fast it is true..

    The clock on the wall reads a quarter past midnight

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    "reveal the government is considering enhanced “drug-free wings” where prisoners can live in better conditions if they agree to undergo regular testing "
    Agree ?? Is there some kind of Prisoners Charter whereby they can Opt-Out ?
    The amount of times I have had to take Drug and Alcohol tests and I had no choice.
    With regards the article, excellent for the Environment and Society if it's a success should be rolled out to different cities, need to have clear storm drains free of debris and good for the prisoners to get out and do something useful.
    Happen in the UK , what about the prisoners Human Rights, Health and Well-being ?
    Their not going to have time to do anything other than play with their new phones...
    bangkok mags

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