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    Default I can't get married. Help

    Ok guys here is a complicated one that someone may be able so help us with or Stear us in the right direction.

    My friend and his Thai girlfriend reside in the UK and have done for many years. The lady in question was formerly married but her husband passed away some years ago. They are currently in Bangkok and have come here to get married, wanting to marry here so my friends girlfriends family can be present.

    Now they have all sorts of documents including her ex husband's death certificate, but they are not allowed to marry due to the certificate not be officiated. My pal has contacted the British Embassy but they have said the document must be officiated back in the UK only. Obviously it's a massive blow to my friend and his partner as they have neither the time or the money to enable them to go back to the UK and return again.

    So the question is can anyone Stear us in the right direction of maybe some one dealing in field that can help out.

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    Why not just have the Buddhist ceremony rather than going to the local Amphur's what most Thai people celebrate and you don't need any paperwork..The Buddhist marriage has no legal status but it is more of a blessing..

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    And an addition to what tudorowen said, how many "family" will actually be allowed in that stuffy old Amphur office just to watch you sign a bit of paper.

    Much better to have the Buddhist ceremony and then everyone cam party and let their hair down as we all know Thais like to do.

    You can than arrange the "legal" bit at your hearts content, either back in the UK or at some point back on LOS.
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