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    Default Uk Millionare and wife killed in Thailand

    The bodies of a UK millionaire and his Thai wife have been found in northern Thailand nearly a week after what police suspect was a contract killing.

    The bodies of Alan Hogg, 64, and Nod Suddaen, 64, were discovered buried on their property in Phrae province.

    Police say Mr Hogg, who was from Edinburgh, was shot dead, while his wife was killed with a hammer.
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    not killed murdered by the BIL who paid hit men, and not very good ones

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    RSS Feed Thailand: UK millionaire and wife found murdered

    The bodies of a British man and his Thai wife are found buried in what police suspect was a contract killing.

    Read full article ...

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    Very sad and not an unfamiliar tale, sadly. RIP to the victims.
    'Tis me

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