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    why is everyone worried about this i mentioned this last week this is were the increase will be on another post before this came out ,it was obvious and it wont stop there i can see this being raised a lot in the next few years up to £1000 per year ,NHS cash cow been milked for years until they change the way contracts are won and there supplies its just a big cash cow for the rich to get richer and less service provided .would love to have the sign making contract for my local hospital throw £500 in each for the 10 signs saying keep off the grass .????????=5 k for them.
    This goes from the guys who provide pens to the guys who provide clean rooms its a scam and one that needs control maybe then we get a better service ,like i said before i would rather have 20 nurses from the uk rather than 100 from the EU who have to deal with the extra 5 million residents .with a wait time of 30 mins rather than 4 hours .
    PS the government know this is happening thats why they would love to get rid of it and labour isnt the answer

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    Originally Posted by Elad
    My wife just recently passed LITUK and will be taking B1 before the end of the year. She will be applying for ILR May 2019, will she be safe? Does this mean the new requirements wont come into play until 2020?

    wow how many attempts may i ask ? fantastic result that ,B1 is not very hard my wife by passed the A2 ,i would say there is some kind of crossover from old to new rules i would say yes, has then they will leave themselves open to all kind of claims another 16 months for my misses we just wait and see .i would say the biggest rise will be the nhs surcharge ,cash cow it is .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobias View Post
    The NHS is under a lot of financial strain, it is only right that those foreign nationals who choose to come and live here contribute to it.
    I am not disputing the NHS is under a lot of financial strain, it's also suffering from a shortage in staff. When you hear of the low recruitment and retainment of nursing staff and doctors domestically, then there is something fundatentally wrong within the NHS.

    It was reported that since the referendum result, the NHS has seen a rise in EU nurses quitting and returning home. It's also possibble then, that non EEA nurses may quit as they don't see it finanacially viable to stay anymore. If the NHS is unable to recruit the dedicated staff, it is so in need of, then it doesn't matter how much cash you throw at it, it will always be under strain.

    The NHS is a national service, not an International service. What I want to see is a system that is fare and where everyone contribute's to equally. When you hear the figures we are being charged by the EU to treat british citizens and what we are claiming back, why is there such a huge deficit? If the EU in general is more expensive than the UK for health care, then it's plausible that the NHS is being exploited by some EU citizens.

    In my eyes, there is something very wrong with the current system. I hope this surcharge increase does not see non EEA nurses quitting or seeking recruitment from the UK. With the uncertaintity in the UK with brexit looming, the timing of this increase could not of come at a worse time.

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    5 million east Europeans in the last 15 years doesn't help .
    i can not be bothered to do the sums but thats a massive increase on top of the rest of the mass migration from other parts of the world AFRICA millions of them ,
    We have a serious problem with the amount and i mean a serious ,its beyond a joke now yes some might not see it but trust me when i say serious we dont know who was shooting our troops 10 years ago Councils have had grants to accept these ie Bolton being one of them its a joke ,
    The problem is that people are being scared into saying nothing because they might lose there jobs its all contacted .and the nurses from these country s dosent cover the 5 million who has descended on us

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