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    Default Return flight six months after arrival but no long term visa

    Comming over to LOS in about two weeks, i was going to get my retirement o-a visa before i flew out but have only just get my security certificates.

    Decided not to risk sending my passport off for the visa, but wil instead get it while i am in country.

    The problem i have is my return flight to the UK is dated in six months time.

    This could cause a problem for the airline and immigration.

    What is my best solution around this?

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    obtain a 60 day entry tourist visa, or book a throw away flight within 30 days of your arrival,

    either way you will need to obtain a non immigrant visa when in Thailand, by way of a conversion process, you must have 15 days remaining on your permission to stay stamp when you apply. all local immigration offices should do this but some will not

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