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    Default Buying beef in Thailand

    Hi all I just got back this morning from a trip to khon kaen, I tried quite hard to buy beef mince or beef steaks and joints if beef, the gf took me to a few places, but nothing....I tried the beef steaks from makro but they were frozen vacuum packed rubbish as soon as they hit the BBQ they just dried out! We went to try a shop opposite big c in kranuan but that was closed. Anyone know where to get beef from?? ( preferably in khon kaen)
    many thanks

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    Have you tried TOPS in Central Plaza?
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    Is there no market locally thats where I have always bought beef ? may have been donkey Alternatively we bought the whole calf from a farmer and butchered it ourselves
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    There are several roadside stalls around Khon Kaen selling beef. Sirloin/rump/fillet is around ฿300 per kg. Thai beef is not aged in any way and, cooked on a barbeque, will have the texture of shoe leather. It's fine for slow cooking, stewing, etc., but if you want a decent steak or home-made burger you're going to have to fork out an obscene amount for imported beef in the likes of Tops in Central. I wouldn't recommend any of the meat in Makro, fresh or frozen.
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