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    Default Opening Thai Bank Account

    Good afternoon,
    A friend of mine who visits Thailand twice a year on holiday wants to open a bank account to deposit money in preparation for retirement.

    Is this possible without a job in Thailand and on a tourist visa?

    He also wants to find an agent to apply for a retirement visa there. Any recommendations?


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    I opened 2 accounts on one set of paperwork on a Visa Exemption Stamp, so one would assume do probs with a tourist visa, I booked an appointment with our Embassy in BKK and got a certified copy of my passport, showed them a proof of address for mine and Ohms rented apartment and the job was done. Then is was off to the Bangkok Bank Branch in Central Embassy Plaza which is about a 3 mins walk from the Embassy, all was good. The Branch we used was the one the Embassy staff told me to use. I assume they may have an agreement with that branch. But as you have seen if you have read the other posts on this matter...everyone has their own story!

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