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    Default Moving to Thailand

    Decided to Retire to Thailand or at least give it ago. I have sold the house STC so will have plenty of funds until I can take my pensions at 55. Currently 52.

    1) My plan is to apply for an "O" visa on the basis of marriage to a Thai citizen. I will do this through the Thai embassy in London by post. I am self employed so have income from various sources, cash, paypal, cheque etc. This is shown on my bank statements.

    2) We have already have a house in Thailand, which my wife will need to be added to the house book, not sure if they can add me on a type O visa ?

    3) Hunt around for a bank which will open a fixed deposit account asap so I can add the required 800k for a retirement visa. Allowing the money to be seasoned

    4) Apply for the UK police record/clearance and also have Thai doctor fill in the medical record.

    5) Apply for the Retirement visa 30 days before the O finishes

    If the timings do not work I presume I can extend the O visa based on marriage but I will not have any income but will be feeding my current account from my savings account.

    Does anyone foresee any problems here ?

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    2. You can never be added to the blue Tabian Ban that Thai are listed on. If you really wish you can get a yellow tabian ban for non Thais

    3. The 800K only needs to be in a Thai account for two months and a day, so maybe a bit premature to put it in now.

    I'm also 52 and have been extending my Non-O for eight years. Costs 1900 baht per year.

    Best of luck, this is a great place to be!

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    If the visa is based on being married to a thai citizen then you only need 400,000 in an account which can accessed readily.
    There is a lot more paperwork to do opposed to doing a retirement visa. The retirement visa is far easier and simple you just need 800,000 in the bank.

    Most definately get your self a yellow book, be prepared for a fight to get it, but don't cause one. Each amphur has its own way of doing the yellow book. Just make a trip to the local office and ask what they require and just do it. You could be in an area that does it easily without fuss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan View Post
    4) Apply for the UK police record/clearance and also have Thai doctor fill in the medical record.
    Thai Doctor? Rules might have changed, but when I got my AO in London, they wanted a report from my GP confirming I was a disease free zone.
    'Tis me

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    a non 'O' multi/single entry is available from London Thai embassy no financials, police report or medical forms required. 90 day permission to stay stamp given on each entry into Thailand

    a non 'O''A' which gives a 1 year permission to stay stamp and is good for a 2 year stay in Thailand, subect to a fresh entry just prior to the expiry date of the actual visa, and requires 90 day address reports at local immigration, does require financials, police report and medical forms,again available from London Thai embassy

    regardless of entry type a form tm30 will/may be required in Thailand

    400,00 married/800,00 retirement, for 1 yeay extension of stay has to be in Thai bank in own name only

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