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Thread: Farang

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melteddrummer View Post
    I've been called a lot worse than 'Farang' in my time, haha. I'm not offended by much these days anyway.

    I think because I am immersed in the business world here and deal with Thais at all levels I might see things a bit differently. Also my Thai is not bad even though my eleven year old laughs when ever I speak. If someone came to my house or my office with full knowledge of my correct name and asked to speak to the farang I would not be interested in talking to them. I definitely consider this rude. Even when Immigration have called they refer to me as Khun James.

    Having said that I don't live in a village and most my contact with Thais is in the big cities or towns and usually in an official capacity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James HKT View Post
    OK, I understand now. Yes I agree that's a bit off if they are visiting you and your partner in your house to refer to you like this. Any Thai that I have visiting my house or office would never do this. How does K. Ohm refer to you with these people out of interest?
    Ohm calls me by my name, I assume they will learn to use my name the more Ohm uses it lol

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