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    Default UK Adoption transalation and authentcation

    Afternoon all.

    A freind of mines Thai daughter aged 21 has all her UK documents (passport etc) under her step fathers surname, she was adopted years ago in the UK by her step father after her Thai mother sadly passed away.

    They would like to change all her Thai documents (ID Card, Blue Thai family house book, bank accounts) to her UK surname and as part of the process need to get the UK adoption papers translated to Thai and authenticated and in future get a Thai passort.

    They can do this in either the UK or Bangkok and have tried at the local amphur a couple of times before with contradicting advice, no surprise there but without the adoption info.

    Can anyone advise please were best to get the papers translated and authenticated?
    Anyone been there done this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I did our translating from Thai to English as part of the process to adopt our niece. To ensure that everything we did would be acceptable we contacted the court first and asked which interpreters they use and then we used them. We live near Glasgow and the company used was called Global Language Services. Sometimes we handed documents in directly (cheaper and faster) other times we emailed copies of the original and that worked too.

    One point which may or may not be a problem for your friend. When we were contacting our local amphur they stated that no woman can take a foreign name unless it's their husband's name. We sidestepped the problem by our (now) adopted daughter having one name in Thailand and one in the UK (the rest of the world actually). Like you say, this may not mean a lot as it is in Thailand.

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    any uk to thail -thail to uk translating company can do this its not a cheap service and cost me £100 for a marriage translation they charge per line /word not document .
    There are many online you can use you just need to contact them .

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    I do have a vague recollection of seeing posts on not being able to change a surname without being married and I guess it too late to adopt in Thailand.

    Have passed the info on and thanks have be proffered, will continue with the search.

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    I used this company from the UK for a birth certificate.

    A4, both sides - £30

    Emailed a scan of it and the translation arrived in 6 days.

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