Hi everyone
Just had my wifes Thai friend on video call from Vienna in tears.
She had booked flights to Thailand from MAN via Frankfurt, change to Vienna and then onto Bkk
The return is Bkk to Vienna and then MAN. 2 Thai Nationals inc the son and her British husband.
She bought the tickets from an online travel agent. Never advised on visas she says.
They got through FRA ok but Austria say they do not have a transit visa.
Taking a quick google around i see as they are travelling with her husband they don't require one for Austria but Germany does so i don't know how they managed to transfer their.
Now Austria have let them travel onward but say they cannot re-enter on the return journey.
I told them to seek advice at the Austrian consulate in Pattaya or contact the Embassy in BKK to get the ok to travel home in January. Other option is to buy another ticket.
Anyone taken the route via Vienna from the UK? Did you have any Transit visas?
Any thoughts on this guys?