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    Default Mother in law visit visa advice

    Morning gents,

    The Mrs wants her mum to come visit.

    I haven't done a visit visa application for about 6 years and last time it was for the Mrs. I will write some info below about the circumstances but I don't know which direction to take that will be the most plausible reason to return.

    She is coming to visit my Mrs and our 2 kids

    She has given all her land to her 3 daughters which equates to 50 rai each. She still works all the land and keeps the money as her own.

    She makes about 500k a year

    She has 2 daughters and 4 other grand kids

    She is divorced

    My house is only 2 bedroom. My mum lives around the corner and has a spare double room. Will it cause issues to list her as staying at my mums for the duration of the trip?

    I will pay for the flights and general living costs whilst she is here. How many bank statements do I need to send to show funds?

    Will there be issues if I say she's here for 10 weeks as her first visit or should we ask for less time?

    Cheers guys

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    Veteran ผู้มีประสบการณ์ prikphet's Avatar
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    Walshie, my MIL came last year and ended up staying for more or less the full 6 months. She has no job, no house. The missus done her Visa, as far as I'm aware there were no problems. FYI, she wanted to spend time with my son before he started school. Reason to return, the rest of the family can't cook :-)

    Many on here will tell you horror stories and express caution, my experience of all Visa we've applied for has been very good and we've never had any issues.

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    If there ever was a visa in which to mess it up on....I guess this should be the one to do it

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    Made my night you 2 PRIKPHET and TODDMEISTER

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    Cheers gents I'll update when I get an answer. Hopefully itl be easy

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    The application is much the same as a normal V V application but check the visa type - too lazy to look right now but I seem to remember the old Family Visit Visa was merged into a standard visa application as many have been - you just fill in the correct box depending on the visit type.............not sure on any of that although the requirements are the same.

    No problem with the MIL staying at your mums but state that and supply a letter from your mum saying she is happy for the MIL to stay with her - a copy of your mums main passport page to accompany that letter wouldn't go amiss either.

    If your MIL doesn't speak or read English, book her on a direct flight. I remember my MIL's visit going hideously wrong when the staff we'd arranged to meet her in Paris and show her to her onward flight failed to turn up. We had an anxious few hours and some very expensive phone calls trying to sort that out - and a MIL that was beside herself. I can only imagine what its like to arrive in a country on your first ever flight where no-one speaks your language and you can't read ther signage.

    To prevent that happening on the return flight we ended up taking her to Paris.

    Also, if the visa is granted, make sure her phone has roaming enabled or better still, send her a UK SIM card and make sure she has your number in case of any problems at immigration. People are often questioned on entry even when they have a visa and it is not unheard of for someone to be refused entry if they say anything different to that stated on their application.

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    Thinking of doing the same this year , please keep us updated , and good luck

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    thanks for the info lads. just paid for the visa application and booked the appointment for 15th feb. had to do it twice as the first one i accidently wrote her married name as opposed to her now divorced maiden name. luckily they offer a refund if you cancel more than 5 days before your appointment lol.

    as for the direct flights she is coming with my mrs as we have just had our 2nd child who was born out there. they might still come back on direct flights as things which are out of our control and thai related tend to go catastrophically wrong!! as you rightly assume flip the MIL can only say "sit down" in english (of all things!!)

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    cheers lads, granted the visa a couple of weeks ago. it took 7 working days from applying to receiving the passport back via courier. was a pain free really. i have only booked her a 1 way ticket to the uk currently as were not 100% sure what day she will be going back to thailand. is this likely to cause an issue at heathrow when she arrives?

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