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    Default Passport names to match

    Hi first post in a loooooong time but I,ve always checked in.
    Not really seen anything on this before apart from a random link by vinny a couple of years ago but it might be useful for some when their wife 'tries' to renew their Uk passport.
    Sent off both passports(Thai and Uk) as requested but the HMPO won,t issue my wife a new Uk passport until she has the same surname in her Thai passport(has maiden name).
    Total bummer and something we were totally unaware of but apparently the FCO changed the legislation around 2015/16.
    So now we have the joy of getting a couple of documents certified by a local solicitor,then getting them legalised (£30 per document); and then a nice little trip to the Thai embassy.
    If we had known about this we could have done all this in 2017 when we were in Thailand.

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    it seems the case but there others out there with 2 in different names ,
    i have just posted something about this a bit tongue in cheek was my reply but yes i did find translations cheaper in Thailand than the UK .
    This is why i do not agree with reason to return question on visit visa apps as the net is closing in and getting smaller ,bio metrics and so so yes the black market is still there but why up your bags to go into a Chinese takeaway get paid nothing who you going cry to when you can do this in Thailand.
    That is why i say no its a reason not to return i think this question is history its stupid daft and is rhetorical ie wants a statement from you none being correct .so no visit visa should be denied .
    if i was asked this ?
    My first reply would be well i can not work how do i live if i can not work question answered ,
    and there is many more scruples ie i have tooth ache ?
    can not go to a dentist NHS what rights does some one have in the black market NONE .
    So its the bad guys that operate such people smuggling need attention .
    I just dont think a normal guy who brings is future wife to the uk from thailand is going to fall into this trap maybe from north asia where you might not see her for 10 years and is designated to the back room wear a mask and dont speak to anyone then you have the problem

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