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    I think the council was just the case worker being awkward i did get there in the end .
    Having just bought our first home together i know that British gas do credit checks as i was refused a credit meter when i tried to change the house from pay as you go couldnt believe it just got a mortgage and they refused me credit of around £40 month soon moved to EDF .
    Yes i did mention EDF but at the time i hadnt used the best customer service i have dealt with with out a shadow of doubt .
    But most will not have joint account holders try the comparison sites they dont give you the option EON was the one i dealt with at the time and refused to put her name on account .Fair to say i soon moved when the contract was up .

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    I think there is a 2-year expiry on the B1 - at least that's what i was told yesterday by Trinity School itself. The test result itself doesn't expire, but the UK gov. won't accept it older than 2 years.

    - - - - - - - u p d a t e d - - - - - - -

    Tom, can i ask a probably dumb question but one i've not seen asked before - when calculating the 30-months residency to get to the first date we can apply for the FLR(M), what is the status of any holiday periods taken outside the UK during that first 2.5 years in the UK ? This seems a bit important to me. We had just one 3-week trip to Thailand, so is that not part of the 30-months or definitely included ? Thanks.

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    I think there is a 2-year expiry on the B1 - at least that's what i was told yesterday by Trinity School itself. The test result itself doesn't expire, but the UK gov. won't accept it older than 2 years.
    You can use them if used for a previous application. For example my wife did the Trinity B1 maybe 5 years ago and she's used it for her two previous FLR(M) applications

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    Hi SingerSongwriter

    Regarding that three week holiday outside the UK, such a short break won't break UK residence continuity, so no need to worry. We had two four week breaks to Thailand in the period before my wife achieved FLR(M) at the end of 2017. It's much longer extended periods of absence from the UK which might cause problems for continuous residency requirement calculations and application dates, particularly for ILR and citizenship applications.

    As for using an "expired" Trinity B1 SELT such as the Trinity GESE, UKVI will accept it for ILR as long as BOTH of the following conditions are met:

    1. the Trinity B1 SELT is still on the current UKVI approved SELT list, AND
    2. that the Trinity B1 SELT was used in a successful previous UKVI immigration application, such as for FLR(M).

    The Trinity GESE B1 SELT has been included in every single UKVI SELT listing since the introduction of the SELT system on 6th April 2015.
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    Many thanks Tom. the better half is in Leeds right this minute doing that Trinity GESE B1 !

    Ok, that's a relief about the holiday periods - me being paranoid as usual - nothing changes ;-)

    I am just getting to grips with the whole new application procedure using processing centres based at local libraries and such. It is radically new, and designed to finish off the posting of important docs such as passports and ID cards etc. It is inevitable that a whole new sticky or some such guide will be needed on here ? We might be an early guinea-pig for this new process, but it seems we cannot know if we will be until we actually get to the end of the online application form. This is the website -

    I think the idea is that an appointment is made on the online form if offered one, and then we turn up at the new-style centre (our nearest is a village library!) to have all the supporting documents scanned and uploaded, and the biometrics done there and then, and maybe a photo done as well. It is nothing like the old Premium Centres, because no decision is given at all - all the uploaded material still has to go off to UKVI for a decision, so this new type of 'centre' is just a document-handling service. They are trying to sell super-premium services on top of the basic, such as a mobile service that even goes so far as visiting at home - cannot imagine the fee for that ! Do you know of anyone who has already used one of these new centres and reported back to here ?

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    We have almost finished our application now but won't be paying for some weeks yet in light of the information provided by Tom and rasg. Processing times are 8 weeks if applying from within the UK, so a couple of weeks before visa expiry should give us about a month extra. I'm not expecting UKVI to surprise me by beating their own estimated wait time.

    Enna has documents from the NHS, Home Office, bank and another source for the first year. These are only addressed to her though and so might still be insufficient as I believe you need at least 6 sources if addressed individually. Then there is me... I definitely don't have 6 sources addressed to me for the first year. Chasing up old billing companies is a nice idea, however, we lived with my mum for the first year so we didn't get any kind of bills, mobiles were pay-as-you go etc.

    I have been stressing about this quite a bit when someone asked me a question.

    "If her visa is refused can you not just apply again from outside the UK? Then you wouldn't need 2 years worth of bills or else how would anyone succeed living in two different countries."

    Could it be that simple? If that is the worst-case scenario then Enna gets a 3 month holiday and we start the 5-year route from scratch.

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