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    Default Thai GF to visit UK for 6 month, where to get medical insurance

    My GF has just been issued with a 6 month visa to come to UK. She lives in Korea but is a Thai national. Looking for medical/travel insurance for her because I worry if she were to need medical attention, the NHS might land me with a massive bill.

    All the comparison sites assume the policy is for a UK resident. Anybody else done this and if so what did it cost and from where?

    Any help and advice much appreciated.

    Cheers - Rich

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    From Thailand! BUPA were doing the best deal when my girlfriend came over here in 2015 an a reputable company. I got her a policy for one year for around £100. Probably more now.

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    Normads is a well known travel insurance ,but do read the tiny tiny print on any you buy .
    Has seen in the last few weeks they dont like to pay only like collecting monies .

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