First of all i would just like to thank everyone here for there continued support and help on this amazing forum, although not actively posting on the site it was instrumental in me and my girlfriend (now wife's) 3 month visit visa application back in June, basically i've have been lurking around for a little while

Some of these questions might look a little simple/basic to some but i guess everyone's situation is unique and i would hate for it to be refused because i've done/didn't do something daft, we will be applying for a spouse visa and all the base's right now seem to be covered but i have some niggles/concerns.

Now, until earlier this afternoon i was positive the only way to submit the documents was to send everything to my wife in Thailand and she would need to apply in Bangkok and then the documents would be sent from there just like the visit visa, now what i understand is.. i can actually send everything myself directly from here to Sheffield, is that right?!

With that said and if that's the case i'm confused, i would certainly need her passport here to include inside the folder with all the documents but she would also need it to apply in Bangkok with her id card and application form, so my question is would the passport be forwarded to Sheffield from Bangkok with her biometrics and application form from Bangkok? i would be sceptical about all the documents coming together in Sheffield!

would my wife pay for the application in Bangkok or would i now pay when i submit the folder here in the U.K?

Are the original birth certificates a necessity for the application? i mean, we have them so we can include them but mine is 38 years old and my wife's is falling apart lol

The affirmation to marry that say's should be included in Frogsters guide (which is incredibly awesome by the way), pretty sure they took it at the amphur when we were married in Bangrak, is that an issue? do we need it?

A floor plan of the property, is this essential? or will photo's of the property suffice?

I have also read that i need to photocopy all the documents, in essence creating a completely different second folder, is this right? if that's the case that's some heavy sh*t to be sending all the way to Thailand

I'm sure there are more questions i'll be asking in the future and my wife will be kicking my arse tomorrow after seeing this post asking why i didn't ask about x and x and x but right now these are a few things on my mind, other than that i'm quite confident about the application in general as i have everything they want and need to see i believe, i will be posting here quite a bit over the next few months anyway with more daft questions and for helpful advice from the professionals

Anyway thanks to all and everyone in advance who takes the time to read and and reply and offer me there time and experience!

Cheers, Daz