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    Cool Second Thai Marriage documents

    Hello All,

    Been a while since there's been any posts from me. Recently returned to UK after being divorced at the Bang Rak BKK Amphur, after a happy 10 year marriage to Kung. We are now happily divorced, and still friends. All went well in the Amphur, fairly straight forward. Unfortunately didn't realise we needed a translator, we managed to get one for 3500 baht just along the road.

    The question I have is now I have a Thai divorce certificate, what documents would I need to marry again at an Amphur? Would it be a case of just producing my passport and the Thai divorce certificate? Many year ago I had been married in the UK, and for my first Thai marriage had to do the normal procedure of having my British Decree Absolute certified and translated etc. Really hoping I don't have to jump through all the same hoops as my first marriage or even more hoops, but we are talking about Thailand!!

    Any information would be great,


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    I would say you will be fine as the document is in Thai but you might need one to tie up loose ends in the UK ie pensions

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    Hmmmm, I should remember all this but I don't 100%. I do know that I had my Thai & UK divorce certificates with me at the British Embassy when I went for the affirmation but I didn't have to have them translated.

    As you are not a Thai citizen, you will still need an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry.

    Guidance on what is required for the affirmation here:


    You will note that in the above guidance it states that only certificates issued outside the UK and Thailand need to be translated and certified.

    There are a few hoops to jump through these days as the Thai authorities had a few problems with fake documents and tightened up the procedure.

    Have a read here:

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    Many thanks. I thought it might be easier this time, but we are talking about Thailand !

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    I mean this most kindly and I am glad that things ended amicably the second time and possibly the first but are you mad?

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