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    Default missed flight compensation

    Hi my BA flight to LHR was delayed and I missed my connection to Jo'Berg despite being assured by BA staff in Amsterdam the connection would be okay. They refused to put me on 3 earlier flights that would allow the connection even though most flights were being delayed by the effects of storm Gareth.

    They did re book me on a flight the next day and pay for hotel at LHR but I was 24 hours late in South Africa and had to re-book several connecting flights and postpone meetings etc.

    Am I entitled to claim additional compensation ?

    I accept the weather caused the delays but the idiotic BA staff caused me to miss the connection by a complete lack of common sense (there was space on the earlier flights)
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    I think, someone will correct me if wrong, that as long as all flights were booked as a package (as in A to B to C to D) then yes compensation should be payable.
    But if you booked them separately (A to B. Then B to C, then C to D) I don't think you will get anything.
    Hopefully I am wrong and someone will say so (Mr T).
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    I’m still on the road, arrived in Los Angeles on Wednesday and already heading off to my next port of call so I must be brief.

    I’m afraid you are not entitled to any compensation if the delay of your scheduled flight was due to weather/ATC restrictions. It doesn’t matter that there were earlier flights available and the airline chose not to acquiesce to your request to transfer to an earlier flight.

    You are entitled to reimbursement of any necessarily incurred (reasonable) expenses for accommodation, food and (non-alcoholic) drink. Had the delay been technical or some other issue you would have been entitled to compensation of €600.

    If the connecting flights you needed to rebook were on the same ticket, then they should be rebooked free of charge. If they were on a separate booking, then any change fees would be down to you or your travel insurance.
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