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    Default Travel in Europe

    My Thai daughter is in the UK at the moment on a spouse visa, how difficult would it be to visit Sweden from the UK for her.

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    Sweden is part of the EU and Schengen so she is entitled to a visa if she is the spouse of an EU/EEA citizen. It should only take a few days. If, and that is a big if, the UK leaves the EU without a deal the visa process may be more difficult. I’d move ASAP and get the Schengen visa before the UK Brexits.
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    they are currently not issuing Schengen VIsas beyond the extension Brexit date. So it makes things tricky. I have to go to France in June for work and want to take my wife but not sure how at the moment.

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    As I understand it, the pre-Brexit way of spouses of UK nationals to apply for Schengen Visas is embroiled in the current Brexit issue, meaning that the automatic, expedited, and nominally free, issue of such visas only applies to the current Brexit date. However, I think you can apply in the 'normal' way with the associated costs and extra requirements in the same way as anyone from outside the EU would do.
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    I still have concerns for my travel plan to visit Germany this year, if I can have visa easily and what are the requirements?

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