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    Default Road Accident Pamphlet.

    Coming up to peak road accident season in a couple of weeks.
    bangkok mags

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    They have to mention the economy don't they!

    Proof of my other post again. Why can't they get serious and proofread the freaking thing. It makes them look like the muppets they are.

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    The niece's husband had a motorbike accident at the weekend, riding whilst drunk of course.
    He broke 2 fingers and the woman he hit is currently in hospital, don't know her injuries.
    Waiting to see how much compensation / pay off she wants before the niece knows how much she needs to "borrow" off us. Personally I wouldn't give them a penny and let the little a-hole go to prison, if that's the route it would go down.
    Unfortunately, they will never learn
    We'll never win the Premier League,
    We'll never win a Cup,
    We'll still follow UNITED !!

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    Just noticed the part which reads - Impact of road accidents on Thai people.

    Honestly, it's like looking at a country of adults being run by kiddies at times. Thailand is second home to me and the people of the North East are close to my heart but whenever I hear or read anything overly patriotic like this it makes me shake my head. Do they honestly think foreigners can avoid their behaviour or speeding pick-up trucks? Why print it in English if it is designed for 'Thai People?'

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